First things first. It’s important to have a full-length mirror at home so you can see your outfit from head to toe. You must see the impact of your footwear, hemline lengths, hairstyle and colour, overall outfit proportions, and colour harmony. You must see the outfit in its entirety to give it a fair thumbs up or down. 

Second, your full-length mirror needs to be positioned to give you the best possible light. That way you can accurately assess whether the colours of the items in the outfit work together, and how they work with your complexion.

Mirrors on the backs of doors in walk-in closets are normally less than ideal because closets are usually dark spaces with no natural light. Even when my clients do have a free-standing full-length mirror, I often find myself asking them to move it to a position that has better light during our outfit creation sessions. It makes a huge difference.

Greg and I have a huge full-length and quite ornate standing mirror in our bedroom which gets a lot of natural light despite our gloomy, grey weather. We put it there not only because it’s a beautiful decorative piece, but because or walk-in closet lacks light and space. 

Granted, dressing in the dark is inevitable when daylight is scarce in Autumn and Winter. But ideally you did check whether the outfit worked in natural light at some point. So make sure that your full-length mirror catches some daylight so that you and your outfit receive a fair assessment.