I covered the first ten trends in part 1 of this review, and now it’s time for the rest. Footwear seems to get better every year, and this year’s range of trends are more wide and deep than ever before. 

11. Loafers

Think both flat and heeled loafers with pointy, round, almond, or round square toes. Styles can be chunky, refined, colour-blocked, tasseled, fringed or patterned. I love the comfort level that this shoe can offer. 

12. Gladiators 

The classic gladiator has a high longevity factor. It’s amazing just how well it trends every season. Straps can be narrow or wide, and go right up the leg. I like these best in gold or silver. 

13. Espadrilles

The espadrille is in its second season of fashionable glory. Flat or wedged, it’s another classic with a high longevity factor. The wedged version is a great way to wear a very casual heel. 

14. Mules & Slides

Another throwback to ‘90s fashion, the slippery mule or slide is gaining momentum. Styles can be casual or dressy, and open or closed toed. You need a higher volume foot to keep the style on the foot. 

15. Heeled Naked Strappy Sandals

For lack of a better description, I’ve called this style the NAKED strappy sandal because it showcases a lot of the foot. It’s a dressy shoe that I find extremely uncomfortable, yet they are popular on the red carpet and on the runway. 

16. Western Shoes

Think of footwear with a Western “cowboy” vibe. Fringe, which was a trend on its own, is its cousin. 

17. Pointy Toe Flats & Heels

Pointy-toed footwear is elegant and elongates the leg line of any outfit. They are fab to wear under flared jeans and trousers because the toe boxes peek out from under the hems. There are pointy toe booties, pumps, wedges, oxfords, loafers and flats. Not all that comfy for higher volume feet, but awfully ladylike and add a sense of refinement to any shoe. Although pointy toes are trending, they are also a classic with a high longevity factor. 

18. Round Square Toes

One of my favourite footwear trends and still quite exclusive. The round square toe is very comfortable and can look refined without chunky soles. You’ll find the toe box on booties, loafers, pumps and flats. 

19. Ornate Heels

This trend is expensive because the ornate heels are sculptural works of art. You’ll find the ornate heels on boots, pumps, sandals and mules. 

20. Soft Footbed 

And last, the extra comfortable soft footbed shoe trend that made the Birkenstock one of the trendiest sandals a few years ago. The Birkie has lost its fashion momentum as other styles take the limelight, but the trend itself is still going strong. A very, very casual sandal style with a slightly sporty vibe. Great for higher volume feet. 

Of these trends, I’m going with loafers, round square toes, and pointy-toed footwear as my favourites. I also like gladiators, but don’t find them very comfortable. Which do you like best?