On this eve of Thanksgiving Day in the United Stated, let’s talk about our favourite types of footwear. There are no right or wrong styles. If the shoes make your feet and heart happy — they are killer shoes. 

I prefer bags to shoes, but my love for shoes runs quite deep too. In terms of aesthetics, I generally prefer a refined, sleek, simple, dainty and pretty shoe or boot with minimal or no hardware and trim. The ‘80s gal in me loves a pointy toe, although I also love a round square toe. Although I have a pair of chunky mid-calf moto boots, it’s only one pair that I wear in bad weather and taking our Yorkie Sam out for walks. They are more like gear than fashion. 

In terms of colours and patterns, I’m drawn to footwear in shades of white because they bookend my hair and look crisp. I also love cognac, metallic and animal print. I have very few pairs of dark shoes, but my old ink blue booties from Zara are workhorses. 

My footwear MUST be comfortable, and I make no exceptions apart from “sitting” party shoes that do not need to go very far. I like footwear that is lightweight, soft and cushioning, and creates a tailored and polished look on my feet. I like to wear flats with half inch heels, and my favourite heel height is one and half inches. I can wear up to two and half inch heels but prefer a lower heel. 

My favourite footwear styles are sleek booties with high vamps, high-vamped loafers, ankle strap pumps and flats, and tall riding boots. All closed-toe and fairly dressy. 

Over to you. How different are your footwear preferences to mine, and what are your favourite styles of footwear?