A loungewear capsule is a set of ultra casual, soft and comfy separates that you wear at home. These are pieces that don’t go outside the home. 

For some people, sleepwear IS their loungewear. Instead of having a designated set of lounge clothes, they get into their pyjamas and a robe when they’re winding down for the evening. They don’t need a loungewear capsule

I do need a loungewear capsule for three reasons:

  • I like to get out of my work clothes, have a shower, and get into very soft comfies at the end of the day. The ritual relaxes me and makes me slow down, even though I don’t actually “lounge” until later. 
  • I can’t lounge in my sleepwear (a tiny tee and boyshorts) because the combination is fab for sleeping but too skimpy for lounging. Covering up with a robe isn’t an an option because I find them uncomfortable and fussy. 
  • I take our doggie Sam out into our garden early in the morning, which means I need more coverage than my skimpy PJs. Loungewear with outside garden shoes, adding my old parka in bad weather, works well. 

Here are my current cold weather loungewear items:

My loungewear pieces are wardrobe workhorses because I wear them first thing in the morning before I shower, and again in the evening for a few hours when I wind down for the day. I have both warm weather and cold weather loungewear items in my capsule. My preference is for oversized cozy and soft sweats or tees. 

Because the fabrics are knitted jerseys that are worn daily and frequently laundered, my loungewear capsule needs replenishment every one to two years. I’m still liking the American Eagle sweatpants that I bought last year, which are in relatively good condition. But I went off the hoodies I was wearing with them. Instead, I shopped my closet and demoted two striped sweatshirts to wear with the sweatpants instead. 

I semi-tuck the unwelted sweatshirts to create a bit of structure so that I don’t feel overly sloppy. Combined with a workout bra, camisole, socks and slippers, I also feel sufficiently pulled together to answer the door if someone stops by. Repurposing the sweatshirts, which I was previously wearing with jeans on ultra casual days at home, saved time and money.

Do you have a loungewear capsule?