Fanfare Utility Blouse
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This ensemble was inspired by the Loft’s Fanfare Utility blouse that contains all three colours. Wearing burgundy with navy is straightforward and classic. Adding the blush makes the combination look unexpected and more modern. 

Think of any way to combine burgundy, navy and blush in an outfit. Any one of the colours can be the accent. Burgundy, navy, brown or grey footwear can work to complete the look. Dark blue denim can be used as the navy item. Feel free to use ink blue instead of navy. Here are some combinations to get you started. 

Burgundy Bottoms, Blush Top & Navy Coat

Combine burgundy jeans, trousers or skirt with a blush top like a pullover or blouse. Finish off the look with navy topper and burgundy footwear. Since each of the colours is represented by a clothing item, throw in any colour bag that tickles your fancy. I threw in blush to match the pullover.  

Burgundy Bottoms, Navy Top & Blush Bag

Combine burgundy jeans, trousers or skirt with a navy top and finish off the outfit with a blush bag, burgundy, navy or brown footwear, and a navy topper. Feel free to use a patterned top that works with the palette instead of a solid navy one. 

Navy Bottoms, Printed Top & Blush Bag 

Combine navy skirt or trousers with a patterned top in the colours of the palette. Finish off the look with navy, burgundy or brown footwear, a blush bag, and navy topper. This combination is light on the blush. 

Navy Bottoms, Burgundy Top & Blush Topper 

Make dark blue jeans your navy item and finish off the look with burgundy top, blush topper, burgundy bag and brown footwear. A blush top instead of a burgundy one works as well. I chose pathwork jeans instead of solid denim to change things up. Add jewellery, watch, eyewear and headgear as desired.

Ensemble: Burgundy, Navy & Blush