You may have noticed fringe trim on all sorts of wardrobe items this season. A lot of it is a nod to the ‘70s boho trend, but some of it has been inspired by fashion from the 1920s (Flapper Chic). Either way, the vibe is Retro and I like that aspect of it best. 

‘70s boho fringe tends to look very casual whereas 1920s fringe is dressy and glam. Something for everyone. The examples below illustrate both vibes quite well. 

Fringe Footwear & Accessories 

Sporting fringe through footwear or as an accessory like a bag or scarf is the easiest and most subtle way to incorporate it into outfits. So if you like the idea of fringe but don’t want to commit to fringed clothing — choose a shoe or accessory with fringe trim. Note that you do NOT need to combine fringed footwear, bag, scarf or jewellery with a boho support act. Remix these pieces into any style for a very 2015 look. 

Fringed Suede Bag
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70s Boho Inspired Fringe Clothing 

Fringed clothing pieces like knitwear, jackets, coats, vests, blouses and ponchos are an acquired taste. They usually make a bolder statement than fringed footwear and accessories, so consider yourself warned. I like boho fringed pieces best when they are remixed with a bit of hard edge like black leather pants, or with a Sporty Luxe support act, because it creates an interesting modern juxtaposition.

‘20s Glam Inspired Fringe Clothing 

This is my favourite type of fringe because it’s dressy, refined and retro. Glam fringed dresses are the most common, but fringed jackets and skirts are coming through too. Dressy fringed tops and jackets are great paired with jeans and dressy shoes. Or pair them with a trendy pair of black trousers for the holidays. 

Although fringe is making a fashion statement right now, its retro quality transcends fashion trends and gives it a high longevity factor. Fringe trim works well incorporated into non-boho outfits, which makes it quite versatile. After all, the Chanel jacket has fringe trim!

How do you feel about fringe?