All my clients wear skirts and dresses, but some more than others. I find it varies according to their style preferences, their lifestyle, the occasion and the weather. On the one end of the continuum there are my clients who reserve skirt and dresses for fancy occasions. Skirts and dresses do not feature in their everyday style. These clients tend to lead a very casual stay-at-home or work-from-home lifestyle. The practical comfort of shorts, jeans and trousers trumps all.

Somewhere in the middle of the continuum are my clients who wear dresses and skirts as regularly as trousers and jeans. I find this is often true for my clients who work in a business casual or formal environment. Mixing things up prevents them from getting bored with their outfits. On the other end of the continuum, a handful of my clients prefer to wear skirts and dresses almost exclusively both in dressy and casual settings. These clients tend to have very hourglass-y or pear shaped body types and simply prefer the look of their curvy figures in skirts and dresses, which are also easier to fit than trousers and jeans.  

A common theme among all Seattle clients is that skirt and dress wearing frequency increases in warm and hot weather. Our Falls and Winters (and often Springs too) can be wet and cold, which makes us want to insulate our legs with jeans, trousers, warm socks and booties. Some clients though, don’t mind wearing pantyhose and tights with their skirts and dresses, and finish off the look with pumps, loafers, oxfords, booties or tall boots. Clients who drive to and from a heated office in a heated car tend to be fine with wearing skirts and dresses with hose and pumps in cold weather. Those who have to venture out into the elements tend to abandon skirts and dresses in Winter. 

My skirt and dress wearing frequency is driven by the occasion and the weather. I like to wear skirts and dresses to fancy occasions (although my new jumpsuit gives an occasion dress a lot of competition). I prefer not to layer under and over dresses in order to keep the lines of the outfit clean and simple. I like to wear a camisole underneath, and if I do need to wear a topper, stick to a fitted and cropped denim jacket or knee-length coat for over the top.

Occasionally I will wear cropped black leggings under a woven dress for warmth. Sheer and dressy hosiery is fine for holiday bashes in Winter with WOVEN dresses because the static cling with knitted dresses is impossible. I do not like to wear thick tights, nor do I like to wear tall boots or booties with skirts and dresses. I prefer ankle strap pumps or pumps, which again, limits me to wearing them in warm and hot weather.

Over to you. Do you wear skirts and dresses throughout the year, or do you prefer to wear them seasonally? Do you wear skirts and dresses as everyday style, or do do you reserve them for fancy occasions?