Greg doesn’t like to shop for himself, but he does like to wear nice clothes. So when I had some time in between client appointments at the NAS, I popped into the men’s section. To put things into context, Greg wears dark colours like black, charcoal, chocolate brown, ink and navy 95% of the time. He does have white jeans, a few white shirts, red Converse and cream Converse, and likes to wear those items too. He leads a very casual lifestyle because he works from home. He prefers to have fewer better-end items. Greg wears his stuff for ages. He is still wearing a few excellent quality shirts that we bought when we lived in France twelve years ago. 

I came home with six items and three of them were winners. It does not come as a surprise that these were his favourites. Hugo Boss features prominently in his wardrobe and Theory is gaining momentum.

  • Theory 'Zack Ps.Azure' Trim Fit Plaid Sport Shirt: The fabric is SCRUMPTIOUS. Gorgeous lightweight cotton that "feels wet", it's that crisp and soft. The fit is quite slim through the torso, but ample on the shoulders, which is great for Greg's broad shoulder line. The length is quite short when worn out, which is excellent for Greg's 5 feet 9 inches. The pattern is an unusual check. Definitely a dressier casual shirt, but not a dress shirt.
  • Theory 'Zack Ps.Corvo' Trim Fit Gingham Sport Shirt: AMAZING fabric. The crispness of cotton that feels luxurious and cool against the skin. I wish I could find shirts made of this fabric. Fit is broad through the shoulder and slimmer through the torso. Too short for tall men.
  • Boss 'Maine 2' Check Five-Pocket Pants: A brilliant pair of lightweight microchecked blue trousers that are dressier than jeans but more casual than dress pants. A trendy pair of chinos. Wear them rolled at the hem or with a regular hem. Might run a size small.

Greg will wear the shirts untucked with a black undergarment tee, pairing them with his assortment of funky distressed jeans. He’ll top off the look with an edgy black denim jacket from All Saints or his blue one from Kenneth Cole, or one of his trusty Hugo Boss nylon or leather jackets. He also has a great selection of sports blazers that he used to wear a lot, but he’s been off them for a while, favouring his shorter toppers or wool coats.

He’ll probably finish off the outfits with his brand new pair of Dr. Martens Louis Gusset Slip Ons, which we bought over the weekend at the Dr. Martens store. The slip-ons will also look good with the new checked pants paired with a solid black shirt, zip-top or sleek pullover with leather trim.