There are three good reasons to wear patterned tops and they range from purely aesthetic to mostly practical. 

1. They are Bold, Interesting & Moody

Patterned tops create instant visual interest, making them an easy way to add drama to an outfit. They add punch to a look when a solid feels blah. They can look particularly Spring and Summery in soft fabrications. And they’re a great way to pattern mix your outfit. 

Patterned tops can also create the mood of an outfit. Florals create a romantic mood. Abstract designs create an arty vibe. Geometric patterns look graphic, and digital patterns look futuristic. 

2. They are Forgiving of Midsection Lumps & Bumps

Patterned tops in fluid fits and weightier fabrications are forgiving on the midsection because the pattern camouflages lumps and bumps. Conversely, solid tops can accentuate the extra bits on the midsection. A patterned top with side ruching is usually more forgiving than the solid version would be.

3. They Hide Perspiration, Creases, Pilling & Stains 

Patterns cover imperfections. They do a wonderful job of camouflaging perspiration marks on hot days and the occasional stain. A patterned top tends to hide creases a little better than solids, which is especially useful when you pull them out of a suitcase on a trip. Patterned knitwear hides pilling a little better too.

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Patterned Top

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