Here’s another sneak peek at the items that are making it into my top picks list after working the sale with clients over the last few days. I will post the comprehensive list with thoughts on each item early on Friday morning.

As with Dresses, ultra casual footwear was a delightful surprise. My favourites so far:

  1. Timberland Glastonbury Six Inch Sneaker: Sleek, sporty and comfortable. LOVE the white soles. The cognac is just as funky as the black with bruised gold toe box. 
  2. Timberland Bramhall Six Inch Boot: Sleek, comfortable and polished. The plaid detailing is fun and interesting. The white soles amp up the feminine factor of the haute hiking boot and soften the look. 
  3. Cole Haan ZerøGrand Perforated Oxford: Super lightweight and extremely comfortable. The hybrid between sneaker and brogue oxford is genius. You don’t feel as flat footed as you would in an oxford, and the look is more polished than a sneaker. The grey is the best colour. 

All three favourites work wonderfully well with orthotics and insoles. Personally, I think they look best when the the bows of the laces are tucked away. 

I’m definitely ready for a change from regular leather booties, and sprung for the Timberland Glastonburys. The style worked better for my low volume feet and narrow ankles than the Timberland Bramhalls. I have both the wheat and black at home, and will decide on which colour to keep after an outfit creation session. I’m leaning towards the wheat because they look a little more interesting.

I also loved the following styles, particularly because the silhouettes are different to the simple and sleek leather ankle boots, or moto styles that we’ve been seeing season after season.