This ensemble was inspired by two street style looks. They combine cream or white with black, finishing off the outfit with cognac accents. The grey in the second outfit works well as a fourth neutral, but is not a compulsory addition. 

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There are countless ways to combine these neutrals so feel free to be creative. I’ve started the ball rolling with two easy renditions. The one on the left is business casual, while the one on the right is smart casual. Note that cream is interchangeable with white. 

Ensemble: Cream, Black & Cognac

Black Bottoms, Cream Top & Cognac Shoes

Combine a pair of black cropped trousers with a soft cream blouse. Add cognac high-vamped shoes like mules, peep-toe booties or cage heels. Sport a black skirt, pair of shorts, or culottes if trousers aren’t your thing. A cream lace blouse adds a nice bit of texture to the look. A cream bag is a crisp finishing touch. A grey jacket like a blazer is optional, but handy to have at your desk in an air-conditioned office. I like this rendition best without the jacket because it’s extra Summery. 

White Jeans, Grey Top, Black Jacket & Cognac Accents 

Combine a pair of white jeans with a grey T-shirt, black jacket, cognac shoes and a cognac bag. I’ve kept this look just like the inspiration picture, but do choose any style of white jeans and cognac bag. Select shoes that work with the silhouette of the bottoms. A black or white top works as well as a grey one if that’s more to your taste. I like the casual beads that add texture to the outfit. My version is a tribal necklace from Zimbabwe, a country in Southern Africa we visited a few times many years ago. One of my favorite things about our time there was the local arts and crafts.

You could leave the second outfit un-layered by combining white jeans, a black top, cognac shoes and a cognac bag. A Summery cotton or linen scarf in the same palette can take the place of the necklace.