Outfit 3 in the series on my travel capsule for a 4 week trip

The Rozet building in Arnhem is a cultural centre that also houses the Arnhem public library. It was opened in 2013 and won best building of the year in the Netherlands. A visit was highly recommended by my brother Hugo, who is an architect and urban designer.

Rozet Building

Rozet Bibliotheek

I’ve worn this outfit twice on our trip so far for cooler weather. For half a day on the afternoon we arrived, and on this day, our third with my Dad. White boyfriend jeans combined with a lightweight navy and white Breton stripe pullover, sea foam moto jacket and white loafers. It feels Dutch and Euro. We’ve noticed many, many people here in the Netherlands wearing white jeans. I began counting the pairs this morning but stopped because there were too many. My turquoise bag, green specs and gold belt finish off the look. 

Rozet - Mode

Rozet - Angie

The roof of the Rozet building has a great view of Arnhem from above.

Rozet - Stairs

Rozet - View

Stroopwafels, a thin wafer with a syrupy centre, are one of my favourite Dutch treats. Every time we visit Arnhem I must have one. They make them fresh to order, so that they are hot and melt in your mouth. Delicious.