Casual maxi skirts that are flat and straight in front, like the Stem Maxi skirt on the right, look a little off to my eye. I think that’s because you can’t see two separate legs behind the expanse of fabric. It creates what I call “uni-leg”. The feet that peek out from under the hem of the skirt look spare and lost. 

I do like a maxi skirt that shows a bit of leg, like the knit layered long skirt from Banana Republic below. Thanks to the front side slit, you can see that there are two legs under the expanse of fabric. The subtle exposure of the leg further grounds the position of the feet. Leg exposure is maximized in motion when the slit spreads on either side of the leg as you stride. 

This particular skirt is a winner and looks AMAZING in person. Very alluring and modern, yet adequately covered. The front side slit does not spread to the point of indecency, and the pencil skirt portion — like a slip underneath — is sufficiently long. Petites should purchase the petite length for better proportions. Pair it with flat or heeled footwear.

Banana Republic Knit Layered Long Skirt

The Draped Jersey Maxi Skirt from Helmut Lang is more covered than the style from Banana Republic because the slit does not spread quite as much when you’re standing still or in motion. But the concept is similar and the subtle exposure of the legs prevents uni-leg.

HELMUT LANG Draped Jersey Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts with high-low hemlines prevent uni-leg because the shorter front hem exposes some of the leg, which grounds the position of the feet. Also, midi skirts that are flat and straight in front,  but a good six to eight inches shorter than the Stem Maxi skirt, avoid uni-leg by exposing more of your legs. 

Of course, my dislike of uni-leg is very subjective and definitely tied up with my complicated relationship with casual maxi skirts in general.

What do you think?