Knee-high socks are an undervalued wardrobe item that deserve a bit of love. They are inexpensive yet highly practical for two reasons:

  1. They are extra warm: socks worn under trousers and jeans that provide coverage right up to the knee provide a lot more warmth than shorter socks. The toasty difference is remarkable, which is why I’ve added several more pairs to my sock drawer. 
  2. They close the gap: Boot liners, which are essentially long socks, do a great job of filling up the space at the top of mid-calf and knee-high boots that are a little wide for your calves. Scrunch up the socks above the top of the boots, and the boots fit a whole lot better. The visual effect is like a leg warmer. 

Visible knee-high socks, when worn with all sorts of footwear, can also provide textural interest in skirt, shorts and dress outfits. This is more of a visual advantage than a practical one, but a fun option nonetheless.

Frye Tabitha Pull-On Tall BootFrye Sabrina 14L Boot