A few months ago we announced that we were connecting to retailer databases in order to provide live pricing information for YLF Finds. Today we’re taking the next logical step, which is to use that live pricing information to alert you when the items you have collected drop in price. 

To begin with we have made the price alert a twice weekly email message. The first will go out on Tuesdays, so tomorrow we will send the very first batch of pricedrop alerts. The second email of the week will go out on Fridays, in time for any weekend shopping sessions. Both emails will list the items that have dropped in price over the preceding 7 days. You will only receive price alerts for items in your “Considering”, “Shopping List” and “Wardrobe” folders. You won’t receive price alerts for items in your “History” folder.

If you are wondering why we would send you price alerts for items already in your wardrobe, that is because you might want to try to get a price reduction after the fact. Many retailers in the US will happily provide a refund or credit when an item gets discounted after you purchased it.

In time we will offer ways to customize the way you receive your price drop alerts. Right now Nordstrom, J.Crew,Zappos, Shopbop and Banana Republic are supported, but we will expand this list in future too.

If you aren’t yet using the Finds feature, give it a try. It is as simple as signing up to be a YLF member and then starting to collect your items, either by clicking the little heart you see on Finds around YLF, or by using the Finds bookmarklet to collect items from retailer websites directly. Here is a help page that explains in more detail. Don’t hesitate to comment here or start a thread in the technical support forum if you have any questions.