My recent post about the colour red and your style got me thinking about redheads. I sometimes hear that redheads shouldn’t wear red because it clashes with orange (red hair is usually a shade of orange). I disagree. I think redheads look AMAZING in all sorts of red. Orange and red is a romantic and happy combination, clashing right up to the point where it’s perfectly harmonious, creating a beautifully rich, bold, tonal and sultry effect. 

Take a peek at these redheads wearing bright tomato red and darker reds with panache. Some redheads have dark red hair, whereas others are a lighter ginger colour. I love all of these combinations. 

Redheads also have the option of sporting a shade of red away from their face, either as an accent colour in an accessory, or as a bottom. Take a peek at these lovely ladies: 

Strawberry blondes look gorgeous in dark reds and burgundies. Ladies with burgundy hair tend to look fab in shades of orange, which is again, a mixture of orange and red. It’s myth that redheads can’t wear red.

Redheads in Red