I was recently reminded how important it is to adapt your hairstyle to the climate. I spent the second half of last month in hot and humid coastal Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, and my current punk-esque pixie did not work. No matter how I tried to flat iron the spiky portion of my ‘do and spray it into place, it went limp, wavy and flopped within an hour. The rest of my hairstyle lacked crispness and structure too. 

To make the best of it, I adjusted my hairstyle while we were on holiday by spiking up the front just a little, and leaving the rest flat and wavy. If I lived in a hot and humid climate I’d sport a different style of pixie. I’d choose a style that didn’t rely on the top standing up for visual drama. The pixie would have to look good with hair lying flat against my head. I’d also look into products that accentuated the natural wave of my hair to create some volume. 

As soon as we were back in Seattle, it was business as usual. I washed and styled my hair the way I normally do and the ‘do behaved exceptionally well despite being overdue for a cut and colour. Clearly my current hairstyle likes low humidity.

Over to you. Have you adapted your hairstyle to your climate? If so, how have you done so, and do you have tips to share?