This is the third outfit in our series about client Karen’s Summer style. Be sure to catch Karen’s first and second outfits if you missed them. Today’s example is a very casual outfit that Karen would wear on a hot Summer’s day when she’s running errands, pottering around at home, or looking after grandchildren. It combines a pair of faded skinnies that are rolled at the hems with a roomy upscale sweatshirt, flat sandals and large tote. Earrings, watch, and wedding ring are the finishing touches. 

For Karen, covering certain areas of the body is non-negotiable. She is uncomfortable exposing her arms and will not wear sleeves that are shorter than elbow length. The sleeves on this sweatshirt are the shortest she will sport. She is also uncomfortable exposing her legs from the calves up, with the exception of the occasional knee-covering pencil skirt. That’s why fashionable hem rolling of pants and jeans has been a revelation over the last few seasons. The styling trick allows Karen to expose more of her legs for breezy comfort, while adding structure to the outfit. The style of the jeans can be fitted, as long as most of her leg is covered. 

Casual Stripes - Full

Casual Stripes - Close

Karen had to get used to fluid and oversized tops because she was convinced that they made her look bigger and less polished. But that has changed and these days Karen feels strange in a tailored top! It’s amazing how current fashions can drastically change your style preferences. Karen is especially taken with the upscale sweatshirt trend because of the versatility, coverage, and comfort factor of the silhouette. Wearing one in a brown zebra pattern is her nod to the brown trend. The boxy fit and high-low hemline offsets the formfitting shape of the skinny jeans.

Casual Stripes - Playground

Karen likes Paul Green footwear because they go the distance, look fashionable and are very comfortable. She bought their Venice Gladiators both in taupe and black, and wears them in very casual outfits with painted toenails. Both colours bookend the dark and lights shades in her hair, so they work with most Summer outfits. 

Casual Stripes - Side Close

Casual Stripes - Side

Each season we cherry pick the trends that tickle Karen’s fancy and incorporate them into her look. Yes, Karen is a beautiful lady with an innate sense of grace and polish. She’s wearing a sweatshirt with jeans and looks as gorgeous as ever. But the fact that she styles her hair, wears makeup daily, and sports current pieces in flattering silhouettes amps up her chic factor. Having fun with fashion at any age is the message I want to shout from the rooftops every day. But actions speak louder than words, which makes Karen all the more special and inspiring.

Casual Stripes - With Angie