Back to school advertisements are everywhere in the US at this time of year. And while some of the ads are for school supplies, most of them seem to be about shopping for a fresh and fashionable wardrobe before the start of a new school year. I wore a school uniform for the twelve years of my schooling, so wardrobe prep for the new school year was a non-event.

My mum would make sure that my school uniform still fitted and was in good shape, replenishing items as necessary. School shirts, dresses and shoes were refreshed every year or two. Socks and tights were replenished more frequently. School blazers, pinafores, ties and knitwear on the other hand, lasted forever. So there you go. No fun back to school shopping memories for me.

If you didn’t wear a school uniform, I bet you have fun back to school style stories to share. Was there an annual shopping event right before the start of school, and did you look forward to it? Did you take special care with what you wore on the first day back at school?

From left to right, my first day of school in 1975 with brother Hugo, Greg in his primary school uniform with sister Gail at about the same time, and Greg (left) at high school in the ’80s.