This ensemble was inspired by clients who have been wearing lightweight and transparent pointelle, mesh, gauze or crocheted Summer pullovers layered over contrasting tank tops. In other words, they’re mismatching the colour of the sweater and the tank top to create an interesting effect. 

I’ve shown two ensembles here, but there are many, many ways to interpret the formula. The ensemble on the left is graphic, crisp and a little more dressy, while the ensemble on the right is soft, bohemian and quite casual. 

Here are the components. Choose any colour palette: 

Sweater: You’ll need a sweater that will showcase the colour of the tank underneath. A mesh sweater with extremely small holes, or an open weave sweater with large holes. A lace sweater works quite well too. 

Tank: Choose a tank in a contrasting colour to the pullover with strappy or built-up shoulders. The effect is not the same if you layer a sleeved T-shirt under the sweater. Proportions tend to look better, and more alluring, with bare arms. 

Bottoms: Choose a pair of bottoms that complement the layered tops. In both cases I’ve chosen jeans, but shorts, patterned pants, trousers and skirts work equally well. 

Footwear: Choose shoes that work with the outfit. I chose masculine black loafers for the graphic statement on the left, and a pair of casual suede wedge sandals for the earthier look on the right. 

Accessories: You’ll probably need a belt if you’re tucking or partially tucking the front. Or wear both the tank and sweater untucked over bottoms. Choose a bag that tickles your fancy, and finish off the look with jewellery, hat, eyewear and watch. 

Feel free to dress up the look with a pencil skirt, full skirt or pair of trousers, and finish off the look with dressy sandals or pumps.

Sweater and Contrasting Tank