It gives me great joy to introduce darling Bridget, who graciously agreed to share some of her Seattle Summer looks with us. You briefly met Bridget three years ago when we celebrated my birthday with high tea. She’s client Karen’s youngest daughter and my very dear friend. Grace, poise, impeccable manners, a sense of humour and stunningly beautiful eyes run through the family. Bridget and I have been working together every season for eight years, and to say that it’s a pleasure is an understatement. 

Statuesque Bridget stands a few inches shy of six foot, wears a size 12, and turns 47 today. She leads a busy and casual lifestyle as a full-time Mum-on-the-Go. Unlike Mama Karen, Bridget loves wearing all sorts of colours and patterns, distressed denim, and unstructured clothing. She runs cold at the drop of a hat, has fussy feet, is super practical, and enjoys clothing that is insanely comfortable. But despite her need for casual comfort, Bridget manages to look polished, pulled together, fun and fashionable. An inspirational to us all. 

Bridget has evolved her style over the last few years. She’s a ‘70s gal at heart, which meant wearing bold empire cut tunics over straight leg or bootcut jeans with boho toppers and sandals or ballet flats. Now she’s into more of an ‘80s vibe, wearing cropped zippered jeans, boyfriend jeans, cropped boyfriend jeans and camouflage pants with upscale sweatshirts, oversized tees and moto jackets or gauzy cardigans. 

Her colour preferences are similar to mine, favouring citron, shocking pink, purple, turquoise and ink blue, as well as black paired with white. Bridget also likes to wear grey, which works well with her brilliantly blue eyes. She prefers outfits that are made of fewer pieces, and loves a hectic pattern. She is not into hard-edge or avant-garde looks, nor is she into anything dressy. Happy colours make her happy, and her favourite outfits are those that incorporate new pieces with trusted golden oldies. 

Bridget - Tee & Jacket

The first outfit is a tonal delight of blue, grey and white. We paired a mixed media tee with a high-low hemline that we purchased together at last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with a pair of faded zippered skinnies from the Loft. The lace trim on the tee appeals to her boho side and the length is a slam dunk on her long torso. Fitting oh-so-trendy cropped pants on Bridget is a delight because when you’re pushing six foot, they finish at a flattering length no matter what. Bridget prefers to wear her tops big and billowing for extra comfort, so she’s loving our current fashion. If an item clings uncomfortably in any way, she will not wear it. We have both learned our lesson with that one, and are sure to do all the sit-down and reaching tests before we commit to a purchase. 

Bridget - Tee

Bridget - Tee

Bridget’s height and broad shoulder line allows her to carry an oversized look to perfection, especially when there’s structure on the bottom with a fitted silhouette. In fact, Bridget has a soft spot for oversized silhouettes, and this is how it usually goes in the dressing room: “I love this, Angie! But I want to size up.” To which I reply, “Oooooh! I love it too, Bridget! But I’m not letting you size up”. “Darn! I knew it. Okay, Angie”. 

Bridget -Tee & Jacket

Bridget - Tee, Jacket & Bag

In a Seattle Summer you normally need a topper for at least some of the day, so we topped off the look with a pleather and cotton moto we bought at the Rack last year. It’s been an absolute wardrobe workhorse and cost $15. Bridget does not wear heels and makes no compromises when it comes to the comfort of her feet. So it’s supportive and comfy flats all the way. She’s into wearing loafers this year, and Munro’s white slip-ons are awfully kind to her feet. Soft, cushioning and on trend. A nice high-vamped modern touch to freshen her relaxed look. 

Bridget - Tennis

Bridget - Tee, Jacket & Greenery

My handbags find the best homes when I pass them on because many of them begin their second life with Bridget. It’s a win-win: Bridget loves to sport them and it gives me joy to see her wear my dear little wardrobe pets with such enthusiasm. Here she’s sporting a Kate Spade satchel for a bright pop of colour. This is one of two bags she’ll wear all Summer long. 

Bridget - Citron & Camo

Bridget - Citron & Camo

The second outfit showcases Bridget’s love for pattern mixing. She’s quite fearless that way, and will happily combine three patterns without thinking twice. We matched last season’s dark camouflage pants with patterned flats from Paul Green. The satchel adds the third pattern. A new soft sweatshirt in citron and grey adds a pretty sporty softness to the military vibe of the pants. And yes, you guessed right. Bridget was not allowed to size up on the sweatshirt. It’s sufficiently roomy, while the welt provides structure. Rolling the hems of the pants provides further structure. The radiant warmth of the citron mirrors Bridget’s soothing warm persona. I just love it when she wears colours that bring out her inner beauty. Double fabness. 

Bridget, you are my client and I love working with you, but it’s your friendship that I hold dearest to my heart. You are gentle, thoughtful, friendly and down-to-earth, and you radiate charm. You are earnest and cerebral, but sometimes we also laugh so much together that our cheeks hurt. Thank you for being such a special friend, and know that I absolutely adore you. Happy birthday!

Bridget and Angie