Here’s a way to wear Spring footwear if the temperatures are a little chilly and you get cold easily like I do. Wear nude-for-you knee-highs with booties, loafers and pumps when wearing rolled boyfriend jeans or ankle pants. Make sure the nude is a good match for your skin tone. That way you can achieve a “bare-legged look” for Spring while keeping your legs and feet warm and covered. The knee-highs trick is limited to closed heel and toe footwear, so peep-toes and sandals are out.  

The outfits I’m describing don’t reveal that much bare leg skin in the first place, but it’s enough for me to feel the draught. The knee highs keep me warm enough and no one is any the wiser. I’m sporting fashionable bare legs thanks to almost invisible hosiery.

Nordstrom Sheer Toe Knee High Trouser SocksMINKPINK Faux Leather Detail Boyfriend Jeans