You are on Team Pack if you prefer planning your outfits and packing your suitcase for a trip. You are on Team Unpack if you prefer unpacking your suitcase when you’re back at home. 

I am on Team Unpack without a shadow of a doubt. I MUCH prefer unpacking our suitcases when we’re back home because it’s fast and requires little thought. Most of our clothes need to be laundered after a trip, which conveniently pops them into the “washing pile”. Clean clothes either go back into our closet or on the ironing pile. I put away our shoes and toiletries in a flash, and happily unpack a few treasures we bought along the way. Super efficient, plus I’m always happy to be back home which makes the unpacking process a pleasant thing. 

Conversely, I find packing for a trip extremely tedious and don’t enjoy the process at all. I procrastinate planning my outfits and packing them until the day before at best. Prepping and packing always takes longer than expected, and deciding which shoes will keep my fussy feet happy is not easy. Then there’s the part of fitting our stuff into our suitcases, which can be a challenge because travelling light is not our style. Plus I’m always a little stressed the day before a trip, which adds to my gloomy packing mood. 

Over to you. Are you on Team Pack or Team Unpack? Tell us why and no batting for both teams.