We’re opening up 2014 with happy Las Vegas sunshine, which is where we spent Christmas just to change things up. That’s why this outfit is lightweight, and looks more like late Spring instead of Seattle Winter garb. We took most of these photos on the old strip in downtown Las Vegas. 

Welcome to Las Vegas

The outfit puts the jeans with a festive sweater party ensemble into practice. It was ideal for the relatively mild temperatures and festive ambiance in Vegas. I’ve been into adding a soft dimension to my style this year, and wearing gentle colours was one way of achieving this goal. I matched True Religion’s Cameron boyfriend jeans, with a roomy light blue fuzzy pullover from Topshop. The cropped length and welt makes it a good style to wear faux-tucked over baggy and belted jeans. Although this style of cropped and fluid pullover is often styled with skinnies in retail catalogues, I much prefer it styled with a baggier pant, pencil skirt, or full skirt to offset the short length. Those combinations look more elegant to my eye. 

Vegas Jumper

Coat Shoulders

The fuzzy pullover behaves marvelously well, and I’ve worn it quite a bit. The sleeves are short because I have long arms, but scrunching them solves the problem. The fluff does not bother my nasal passages, nor does it shed over my clothes. It doesn’t crease, nor does it itch, or bag out. It’s machine washable, dries fast, and is super soft. Polyester knitwear definitely has its place. I am in love with this shade of pale blue and hope to add more of it to my wardrobe in 2014.

Jumper Side

Jumper Close

I wore a white camisole under the pullover for extra warmth. I should have worn a light blue camisole so that it’s not as visible as the bright white when I bend over. Note to self: get light blue camisole. Ideally, I would have liked the look best sans camisole, thereby exposing a slither of bare midriff now and then. But that’s not going to work because the combination is too drafty for always-cold me. 

A belt is essential to prevent baggy jeans from falling down. I chose a distressed gold belt to match my gold party shoes, watch and wedding ring. I’m wearing nude knee-highs for warmth and comfort. A refined mint clutch and dainty pair of shoes amp up the dressiness of the casual jeans and pullover. White and blue specs, instead of black, complement the palette. 

Bag & Belt

The apple green, three quarter sleeve short wool coat was a Black Friday purchase from J.Crew. It sold out in a couple of weeks, so clearly I have lots of company in enjoying this shade of acidic green. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have pounced on an item that is this Spring-like in November because it will be many months before it’s warm enough to comfortably wear it in Seattle. (I only wear three quarter sleeve outerwear in late Spring). But it was love at first sight, and I would be able to debut it in a milder Las Vegas. Hopefully I will be able to wear it sooner if we travel to warmer places at the beginning of 2014.

Coat Open Full

Coat Closed

I’ve been on a bit of a pastel kick the last few years, introducing light blue and blush pink into my wardrobe. I love those shades with white and faded denim, or acidic brights like citron and this shade of green. That’s why I matched the bright coat with the pastel outfit. It reminds me of a delicious lime milkshake or apple gelato against the backdrop of clear blue sky. I like the little double-breasted coat best un-buttoned because it’s swingy and a little retro that way, but at the same time, thoroughly modern and very fluid. But it looks nice done up and tailored too. 

Downtown Crosswalk

The lights in old downtown Las Vegas were crazy, so here are a few shots from during the day that give a more accurate representation of the colours. After getting up early to take a photo at the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign, we popped into a cute ‘50s diner for tea and a breakfast bite. The owners Donna and Rudi were so, so friendly, and our fried eggs on toast and hot drinks hit the spot.

'50s Diner

After that we took a drive to the spectacular Hoover Dam, where I swapped out the gold belt and shoes for a white belt and flat white Beatle booties. Happy feet, happy me. We returned to Vegas to relax in the afternoon before taking outfit pictures in the evening.

We at YLF wish you a happy, healthy and fun 2014!

Hoover Dam