One way to reinvent the skinnies tucked into tall boots uniform is by wearing the combination with on trend, roomy, semi-chunky or chunky pullovers. Before I get started you might want to refresh your memory on how to feel streamlined in chunky pullovers. Here are a few extra thoughts on that topic:

  • To some extent, you have to accept the less conventionally flattering aspects of chunky knitwear. It’s going to create a larger silhouette on top, which is not all bad. Think of how easily we wore this look in the ‘80s, and added shoulder pads for extra linebacker effect. Inverted triangle body types can absolutely wear chunky knitwear when the shape is structured in the right places, and not overly long. Keep the colour contrast between the top and bottom low if you want to reduce the effect of larger proportions on top. 
  • If you still can’t get your head around chunky knits, wear semi-chunky knitwear like the toffee pullover in yesterday’s post. Leave off the cables, or wear oversized fine gauge knitwear with a welt to add structure to the volume.  

Choose any colour palette. Here are the components of the formula: 

Bottoms: Choose bottoms that are tuck-able into tall boots. For some that means skinnies and jeggings. For others it’s slouchy skinnies, straight legs, or slim boyfriend jeans. Black ponte pants and blue jeans are not your only options. Think light neutrals, colours, patterns, and different fabrications like leather, corduroy and velveteen. I’ve chosen a pair of tartan skinnies and slim fit boyfriend jeans to change things up. 

Chunky Knitwear: You’re after a style that is fluid or oversized, in a semi-chunky or chunky knit. If it’s too hot to wear wool, wear an oversized, upscale cotton sweatshirt. Think mixed media, high-low hemlines, hardware, and side slits. Wear the length an inch or two above crotch point, or longer. Don’t wear the length too long if you are petite, and remember that welted styles, or styles that taper back in at the waist, are key to giving the oversized silhouette sufficient structure. Scrunch those sleeves for extra structure. 

Tall Boots: Think knee-length flat riding boots, Dr. Martens, lace-up styles, Fryes, or moto boots. Snow boots and duck boots can look cute too. Choose crisp tailored styling, or distressed slouchy styling. Mid-calf boots work particularly well with roomier bottoms like boyfriend jeans, straight legs, and slouchy skinnies because the shorter boot height streamlines the “poufing out” of baggier bottoms. 

Coat: Pop a coat over the lot, like a peacoat, toggle coat, puffer, man coat, cocoon coat, faux fur coat, shearling coat or sweater coat. Or leave it off if the weather is mild.

Accessories: I’ve chosen a large shopping tote to work with the heavy coats. A cross-body is another option. If you’re leaving off the coat, a large casual clutch is a good option. Finish off the outfit with jewellery, eyewear, watch, hat and gloves as desired. Throw on a scarf if you like the effect, or if you need the insulation. 

This is a casual outfit that works in relaxed environments like a very casual office, or over the weekend when you’re out and about with friends or family.

Skinnies with Boots and Chunky Sweaters