Casual beanies in all sorts of colours, textures, shapes and patterns are the fashionable hat choice at the moment. It’s fab how the beanie has become quite the trendy item and fashion statement across all age groups for both gals and guys. It’s a practical and fun form of headgear. 

In the same breath I want to remind you that the wool beret is another fun hat option. It’s not the trendy choice, but certainly still a stylish one because it’s a modern classic. And the classics are powerful pieces when incorporated into a modern style

When my clients try on newsboys, cloches and beanies in the hat department, I usually sneak in a beret too. And they often purchase the beret along with another hat. The beauty of the beret is that you can shape it into a few different silhouettes, which either expose or cover the ears. It can be dressed up or down, and on the whole is a dressier option than the beanie. So it’s a versatile hat and one that has a high longevity factor. 

I don’t wear hats unless I really have to because short hair, specs, and a small head are not conducive to a successful hat look. To my eye, a larger head, hair that peeks through from under the hat, and no specs work better. That said I do sometimes wear hats to keep warm and prevent earache in the cold. I have a chunky cream wool beanie and a cream beret, both of which I had to purchase in the kids department because like I said, I have a small head.

Over to you. Do you wear berets, or are you devoted to beanies and newsboys?

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