This post is an opportunity to celebrate the most important style related thing you’ve done so far this year. It can be anything at all: An epiphany about your style preferences. The fact that you finally edited your closet. Doing laundry more regularly. Wearing more colour. Wearing fewer patterns. Appreciating your curves. Or that you simply wore the heck out of your clothes. I’ll go first. 

I’m miserable when I feel cold, so I’m pleased to report that I finally have a good assortment of tops that keep me warm and happy. I wear wool-blend knitwear for at least seven months of the year, and linen and cotton knitwear in warmer weather. As much as I love silky blouses, they have a very short lifespan for my style because I don’t like to wear them layered under knitwear.

So I focused on building up my knitwear capsule by adding more merino wool, cashmere and chunky knits, while admiring all those pretty silky blouses on the racks from afar. I even went to Santa Monica in September and came home with three woolly pullovers despite the temptation to purchase blouses in the glorious Southern California weather. 

I’m finally starting to overcome my shopping weakness of purchasing tops that are too lightweight. So I’m patting myself on the back for making practical top purchases. I love wearing my warm knitwear and having a larger assortment!

Time for me to pat your back. What made the difference to your style this year?