At this time of year I’m frequently at BCBG with clients shopping for party wear because their party separates are a little different to everything else on offer. The quality is generally good and the fabrications are luxurious. I’ve found BCBG great at taking a classic piece and remixing its vibe with a good dose of modern. 

  • Bess Lace Pencil Skirt: A lace skirt with length and a decent lining. Non-scratchy and beautifully made. For high-end lace, this is not a bad price. Lace of this quality is usually at least twice as expensive. Runs true to size, and tapers beautifully at the hem to showcase your curves. I want this lace skirt. 
  • Keline Printed Tuxedo Shirt: The back of this blouse is as beautiful as the front. Wear it with dressy trousers, a pencil skirt, or faded jeans. Add clutch and heels and you’re set. 
  • Kasen Long Jacket: This is a stunning silhouette on tall gals. Nicely tailored and a little edgy with the waist zippers. The jacket also looks amazing with the zippers partially unzipped and loose over a soft flowing blouse. 
  • Philipe Floral Lace Jacket: An ink jacquard tuxedo jacket in a short and fitted shape is hard to find. It’s gorgeous on petites, and looks just as good left open as it does closed. The shoulders are pretty sharp though, so consider yourself warned. The sleeves are easy to hem if they are a touch too long.

BCBG is also a good place to look for a tuxedo trouser suit, both in black and off-white. I must admit it’s a lot of fun shopping for party pieces at this time of year.

Bess Lace Pencil SkirtKeline Printed Silk Tuxedo ShirtKasen Long JacketPhilipe Floral Lace Jacket