You are on Team Blazer if you prefer wearing blazers to leather jackets and vice versa. Note that all styles of blazer and leather jacket count. Blazers can be knitted or woven, shrunken, tailored or oversized, mixed media, patterned or solid, tuxedo, tweed, or plaid. Anything at all. Leather jackets can be moto, aviator, shearling, belted, Chanel-esque, or whatever tickles your fancy. 

I love blazers and leather jackets. I wear both styles of topper as frequently, and virtually throughout the year across different weights to suit the weather. And when it’s really cold, I wear blazers and leather jackets under my coats. 

I cannot choose between these two styles of topper so I’m sitting this one out on the bench with fresh Maine lobster rolls and homemade strawberry frozen yoghurt. Over to you. Are you Team Blazer or Team Leather Jacket? Tell us why and no batting for both teams.