This casual outfit formula is based on dark colours like shades of navy, grey and black – a popular palette in cold weather. You don’t need to incorporate white, but I couldn’t resist showcasing it through footwear and topper just in case you love white as much as I do, and prefer to see a bright neutral in the mix. 

The refined integrity of the pieces is on trend. Sleek and simple silhouettes, clean lines, subtle textural interest, no distressing, no tough, minimal hardware and embellishment.

Here are the components: 

  • Bottoms: Choose grey, blue or black embossed or flocked jeans for a textural touch. Self-coloured patterned jeans are another option. Of course you can wear plain jeans, but you’ll lose the textural component that makes the outfit interesting. I added in some denim skirts if you fancy giving those a whirl with trendy footwear. 
  • Knitwear: Think solid fine gauge pullovers in black, grey or dark blue in a silhouette of your choice. V-neck, turtleneck, crew neck, scoop, high-low hemline. Anything at all. 
  • Topper: A dark peacoat is a modern classic, as is a moto jacket and military coat. A cocoon coat is another option. 
  • Footwear: Sleek black riding boots are modern classic, and patent gets my vote for Team Magpie. I’ve thrown in streamlined flat white Beatle booties and low heeled ink blue navy ankle boots as trendy options. Wear them with the jeans or skirt. No studs or zippers. 
  • Accessories: Finish off the outfit with an oh-so-trendy upscale backpack as a nod to the ’90s. If that doesn’t float your boat, choose a chic tote, crossbody or satchel. Throw in a casual wooly beenie, newsboy or beret if you like to wear hats. Add eyewear if you need specs or sunnies. Leave off the scarf and jewellery and sport outfit simplicity. 

 Refined Casual Darks for MOTG

The strength of the formula lies in the combination of pairing simple, tonal dark colours (adding white is optional). Apart from the denim, the pieces have a crisp and dressy integrity to them. This creates a more sophisticated casual outfit, especially when the fits are tailored and fluid.