I pinned this casual bootcut jeans outfit because it’s a comfortable, easy and pulled together casual look for clients who love to wear bootcut jeans and cardigans. It’s also a fab outfit formula for Mums on the go who are bored with skinnies and straight leg jeans worn with knit tops and jackets. 

Create interesting layers by pairing bootcut jeans with a tee, soft shirt or blouse, and layer an oversized cardigan over the top. Belt it at the waist and finish things off with low or high heeled ankle boots. Add jewellery if desired. Keep the colours neutral, or throw in some colour. Skip the shirt or tee if three layers are a little much. Wear a wider belt if skinny belts are not your cup of tea. 

Baby bootcut jeans are more fashionable than traditional bootcuts (which are more flared at the hem), but neither silhouette is dated. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if bootcut jeans make a huge comeback. I haven’t worn my one and only pair of bootcut jeans in years, but I love wearing dressy bootcut trousers. I’ve been wearing them more frequently over the last few weeks while the weather is dry just because the silhouette feels fresh when paired with fluid or oversized faux tucked pullovers. I guess I needed to change things up after wearing straight legs, slouchy trousers, and boyfriend jeans all year. 

Who feels like wearing bootcut jeans and trousers?

Bootcut Jeans Outfit