I thought we could have a fun poll on this American Day of Independence. Which of these three colours is your favourite. Note: Any shade of red, white or blue counts. For red it might be burgundy, tomato red or crimson. For white, cream, bone or bright optical white would all count. For blue it might be cobalt, ink or French blue. 

Tomato red is one of my favourite colours. I love shades of white with all my heart. My style would not function without white shirts and jeans, and cream outerwear, bags and footwear. I’ve rekindled my affection for light blue, and ink blue is a new favourite neutral. And I absolutely wear red, white and blue together in one outfit. 

So I can’t possibly pick a side. But I’m not allowed to bat for three teams, so I am sitting this one out on the bench with corn on the cob, veggie burgers and strawberries with ice cream. You are welcome to join me if you can’t pick a side. If you can pick a side, will you be batting for Team Red, Team Blue or Team White?

Happy 4th of July!

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