By pajama-esque, I mean styles that have been inspired by traditional pajama silhouettes and prints. They are not meant to be worn as sleepwear, although they look very similar to pajama tops and bottoms. It’s the lack of structure, silky fabrication, piping detail, and overall silhouette that makes these items pajama-esque. 

The fringe trend has been around for a few seasons, although in some cases the solid blouses look like seasonless classics. The pictures here provide an accurate visual of the look. The first model is wearing pajama-esque items both on the top and bottom, and the rest have incorporated one pajama-esque item into their outfit. 

The vibe reminds me a lot of the early ’90s. I remember wearing soft viscose pull on pants with an untucked matching blouse, patterned from head to toe. It was like wearing a waist surrendering jumpsuit, but one that was a lot more practical in the restroom. 

I liked the vibe then and I like the vibe now, both head to toe and remixed with non-pajama separates. But the bottoms must have tapered hems because I have poison eye for pant styles that are wide around the ankle or a few inches above it. I prefer the patterned versions as opposed to solids, especially when wearing pajama style both on the top and bottom. That said, I’d wear a collared pajama blouse in a solid colour with jeans, belt and pumps. 

I love pajama blouses and can’t believe I don’t have one yet! There is something about these silhouettes that is alluring and pretty. And I don’t mind the elastic waist on this style of bottom, as long as the elastic part is covered, or worn uncovered with hard and structured toppers. 

I think pajama-esque clothing has the potential to be fab, even if it’s just for the novelty of it. But most of my clients would probably vote drab. A handful of them enjoy re-mixing pajama blouses and pants with other separates, but none have ventured into the look from head to toe. Choosing to wear items that look like silky sleepwear generally seems like an off style concept. How on earth can it be fab, most people think. What’s your verdict?

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