I don’t wear sandals, but I do have regular pedicures and sport toenail polish because I love the look and feeling of pretty, well groomed feet. It’s as important to me as wearing matching underwear and looking after my skin. Well groomed feet also come in handy when I’m required to take my shoes off in the homes of clients and friends. That way I’m never embarrassed about the state of my feet. 

My toenail polish style has been the same for four years. I sport sci-fi silver or pearly white because it’s low contrast against the colour of my pale skin. Before that I used to sport green and blue, but, although I like the effect on others, I’m over the effect of high contrast toenail polish for my own style. These days I enjoy a very soft toenail polish colour.

Over to you. Do you wear toenail polish and which colours are your favourites? Do you like to showcase coloured toenails when wearing sandals? Or is au natural just as fab?

Silver Toenails