I believe that evolving our style can have a positive impact on our appearance and on our life in general. Here are five things that a healthy style evolution helps us to do. 

Adapt to Changing Needs

This is the most important and practical reason to evolve your style. The internal and external factors that impact your style are never static. Our bodies, lifestyle, work setting, environmental norms, climate and style preferences change as we move through life. Our styles need to adapt to these changing factors if we are to feel appropriately dressed and fabulous in our own skin.  

Stay Out of the Style Rut

After wearing the same combinations and colours repeatedly you can get bored with your outfits and feel boring in them. This is the dreaded style rut. The best remedy is to refresh your look by wearing new-to-you items and outfit combinations. I’ve found that a refreshed style does wonders for my own psyche, making me feel energized in many other aspects of my life. 

Avoid Being Dated

A stylish look always incorporates a bit of “now”. But “now” does not necessarily mean hot off the press, trendy catwalk stuff. Current trends can be three to five years old. And you can’t look current unless you evolve your style over time.  

Discover Successful New Looks 

I’m often encouraging friends and clients to push the boundaries of their comfort zone and experiment with something new. It’s the only way to discover a look that might become your next “uniform”, or an item that becomes your next wardrobe workhorse. If you don’t evolve, you might miss out on things that end up making you feel even better about your style. 

Enjoy Fashion 

For some of us fashion becomes a delightful hobby and creative outlet. We have a lot of fun by frequently changing our look in subtle or dramatic ways. And we can share our style experiences with others who enjoy the process and epiphanies as much as we do. This all adds to our happiness and has a positive ripple effect on our general state of well-being. 

Of course, there is no need to evolve your style right now if you feel like you’re in a great place. After all, if it’s fabulous, don’t fix it. Remember also that evolving your style in subtle ways absolutely counts, and that there is no need to make huge visible changes to your look every season if that doesn’t float your boat.