I am fascinated by both of these outfits. They are almost completely unstructured with a lot of body coverage, yet still attractive in an arty, avant-garde way. And in a way that isn’t conventionally flattering. They are also very ventilated, allowing the wearer to stay cool and covered in scorching Summer weather. Genius. 

Although the outfits are essentially unstructured, there is just enough structure to make them look good to my eye. I spoke about ways to create structure last week and you can see some of those principles at work here.

First, there is the tailored footwear. Streamlined sandals showing a lot of bare skin. Second, baring skin in general adds structure to an outfit, which is especially effective in the version with the sleeveless top. The sleeved top is sheer and skin baring in a more subtle way, which again adds a little structure to the look. Third, the outer layer of the tops are cropped shorter than the bottom layers, which ever so slightly hint at a waist. Fourth, the tops are structured on the shoulder line. And fifth, the hitched up side of the skirt visually lifts the silhouette by providing asymmetrical and architectural interest, and shows more of the leg on the one side. The skirt, which is the same in both outfits, would not have looked as structured with a straight symmetrical hem.

Personally, I feel that these outfits would have looked even better with a short, modern hairstyle. I know a lady in her sixties who dresses to this effect daily, and she is extremely stylish. She has short grey hair that sticks up in a few directions, quite similar to my own ‘do, and it takes the outfit to another level by adding in just a little more structure and polish. 

This type of outfit is not for everyone because you have to be at peace with the volume. Many of us prefer to wear more structured clothing because it makes us feel attractive. Would you feel fabulous hiding your assets with this amount of volume? And if the look is not your cup of tea, can you appreciate it on others? 

Eileen Fisher Top, Tank and Skirt

Eileen Fisher Top, Tank and Skirt