Lilou Over Size T-Shirt EucalyptusLet me preface this post by saying that silk tees do not need to be made of silk. They are often made of silk and polyester blends, which reduces the price and makes them machine washable. Fabric composition aside, this item looks “silky”, which is why we’re sticking to the “silk tee” descriptor. 

The silk tee, or T-shirt blouse, is a fab top for Spring and Summer. Silhouettes will vary, but they are generally woven, boxy and relaxed, sleeved, dressier than a knitted tee, less dressy than a blouse, comfy, and versatile. Much like a roomy shell top with arm coverage. Some tops are roomier than others. Some have ribbed necklines and chest pockets. Some have high-low hemlines and welts. Some have short sleeves, while others have three-quarter sleeves. Solid, plain or mixed media. They work tucked, semi-tucked and untucked. Fab with all trouser styles, jeans and shorts. Pretty great over a pencil skirt, and some styles will work over a full skirt. 

I’ve seen a mixed reaction to this item from my clients. Some love it. Some will only wear it as a layering piece. Others are warming up to the simplicity of the style, although at first glance thought it was a boring silhouette. Others aren’t into wearing boxy items. Some refuse to wear polyester and cannot justify the cost and laundry commitment to silk. Some like the concept but won’t wear high necklines, favouring V’s and deep scoops over crews and boatnecks. While others prefer to wear knitted tops full stop. 

I like this style of top, and plan to get one or two for Summer. I’m very attracted to their simplicity, boxy fit, dressy integrity, drape, and how they can be dressed up or down. I will need to find a cut that has a more streamlined or shorter sleeve because I tend to drown in huge unstructured sleeves.

What’s your verdict? Will you be wearing silk tees?

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