It’s not always possible to make a final decision about a purchase at home, but if you have the flexibility of returning the item, here’s why it’s a good idea. 

  1. The most important dressing room in your life is the one you have at home. That’s the mirror you look into each day, so that’s the mirror that should make you feel fab about your new purchase. Mirrors and store lighting do vary, so it’s always worthwhile double-checking the fit, fabrication, comfort level, style sensibility, and colour of a new piece in your own mirror. 
  2. If you’re after a second opinion from family, friends or a fashion forum, home is often the best place to get that extra viewpoint.
  3. Bringing an item home allows you to compare it with other items and establish whether it’s worthy of a place in your wardrobe. The item-outfit-capsule test is easiest and most effective when you have the rest of your wardrobe on hand. 
  4. If you’ve bought an item with the specific intention of wearing it with another item, you can pop on both pieces together in the comfort of your personal dressing room.
  5. We are often rushed and tired at the time of the purchase, but home is that tranquil place where you can regroup and effectively think through a decision. 

Granted, this isn’t always possible. Like when I find a wardrobe gem while traveling, or occasionally purchase an item on final sale. In these situations I can’t reassess the purchase at home with the option of a return. But for the most part I prefer to finalize my purchasing decisions in my own dressing room, just to be absolutely sure.