On the contrary. Repeating great outfits from head to toe simplifies your life and increases the cost per wear of the items. It also reinforces the fact that you can feel fab with fewer wardrobe items. There is no need to sport something new to feel your best. 

I firmly believe that if you feel great in an outfit combination, repeat it. Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken. Of course, I also love remixing to create different combinations. But there is no need to constantly feel the need to re-mix wardrobe items to create different outfit combinations just for the sake of it. 

Fashion bloggers who post their outfits daily, or almost daily, seldom repeat exactly the same outfit in fear of boring their readers. That’s why they place a strong emphasis on remixing wardrobe items, which is understandable. A repeated outfit would probably not evoke the same amount of traffic or commentary as a new combination. But in real life, this is not the case. People will not hold it against you if you repeat the same outfit combination from time to time. 

I also understand the pressure to NOT want to wear the same outfit combination to work, or amongst the same group of friends, until a certain amount of time has passed. I guess the right amount of time is up to you. For some it’s a week, and for others it’s a fortnight, a month or even longer than that. 

I often repeat the same outfit. If I feel extra great in a particular combination, I will wear it as soon as a few days later, provided the items are clean and I’m not seeing the same client or friends. If I was going to see the same people I would be happy to repeat the same combination a few weeks later. And when I’m traveling, I wear the same outfits more frequently regardless of whether I’m seeing the same people or not. 

Do you repeat the same outfits? If so, how much time do you leave in-between the repetitions? Or do you feel better when you’ve tweaked an outfit just a little.