To clarify, when I say “product” I’m talking about hair gels, pomades, lotions, mousses, sprays and other types of goo used to style hair when it’s wet, dry or both. I am not talking about the chemicals used to colour or treat hair more permanently. 

I normally use Alterna’s “Blowout Creme” to style my short dry hair each morning so that the front is either spiked or swept back with a baby finger wave. I like the way it makes my hair look shiny, intentionally styled, and a little wet. It also keeps the style in place, come rain, wind, snow, shine or hat. 

But for the last week I’ve been sporting product-free hair. I let my hair dry naturally, straighten the bits in front and on top that are wavy and drive me bananas, and leave it at that. The fringe, although still short, lies flat on my forehead. Come to think of it, the entire do looks more flat, less shiny, wispy, casual, refined and delicate — as opposed to modern, dressy, full bodied and slightly severe when I use goo to style the front more dramatically. And this is a seven week old haircut, so my hair is relatively long (I have my hair cut every six weeks). The style still looks textured because the cut is choppy and the hair two-toned. I’m enjoying the slight change, just for fun. 

Do you ever sport product-free hair?