It warms my heart to kick off 2013 with an outfit that was inspired by Greg, the person who inspires me most. For starters, I’m wearing his happy colours, namely ink blue, grey, black and a touch of white. Quite the opposite to my happy tomato red, citron, apple green and turquoise. Nevertheless, this outfit has a high happiness factor and here’s why. 

First, the jodhpur jeans need no introduction. They’ve caused a stir and continue to evoke a passionate reaction by those who see them. Fabulous to some, and desperately unflattering to others. Greg, whose style judgement I trust implicitly, found them for me in Milan a few years ago and that was that. I love everything about these jeans. Their unique cut, quality, fit, non-stretch, comfort level, faded wash and history. The fact that Greg chose them on a shopping trip while we were on holiday when he does NOT like to shop is the cherry on top. They are my most special pair of jeans of all time, and I am never passing them on to another home.


Second, the Vince colourblock turtleneck sweater was a birthday gift from dear friends and I’ve worn the heck out of it. It’s warm, non-itchy, on trend, a turtleneck, and in my new favourite neutral – ink blue. The high-low hemline has its advantages and its roomy fit is fun to wear. I usually wear a tucked top and belt with these jeans, but I’m also enjoying the untucked slouch with the bagginess of the jeans because it makes them feel “new”. The effect here is both structured and unstructured, which is a combination I am most drawn to at the moment. 

Third, my new Loeffler Randal lizard print booties were love at first sight. Refined, low-heeled, crisp, tailored, graphic, a little masculine, and very comfortable. Along with my cream snake skin booties, they’ve become wardrobe workhorses because I can wear them with most of my jeans and trousers. They do make my feet look extra long, but that’s fine by me.

Fourth, the ink blue military coat — my Edward Cullen Coat — is streamlined and classic. Combining it with avant-garde jeans, a trendy pullover and eye-catching booties grounds the outfit making it feel “right” for my style. After all, I’m happiest when I am wearing at least one modern classic piece. Furthermore, it’s Greg’s favourite coat, so much so that I think he wants an ink blue military coat too. 

Finally, the sporty colour blocked bag is an old favourite that comes out to play in Winter. The white parts brighten up what is often a very grey Seattle day. It also picks up the white in the boots and in my specs. I’m not wearing jewelry other than my wedding ring and watch. 

Sometimes we wear outfits that are extremely flattering both in colour and silhouette, but they don’t quite hit that top notch happy-factor. Other times we wear outfits that are less flattering in a conventional sense, but for a myriad of reasons make us extremely happy. This is one of those outfits. It is already being filed away for my 2013 year-end favourites list. 

We at YLF wish you a healthy, prosperous, adventurous and fun 2013 filled with outfits that make you happy!


Some of the items I’m wearing:

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