My Dad flew in from the Netherlands over the weekend just in time for Christmas, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Papa turned eighty a few months ago and we were unable to join him in London to celebrate with my brother and his family. So we celebrated yesterday! With homemade South African melktert and lots of tea. We also used the crockery set that my late Mum had custom made for their wedding anniversary many, many years ago. Papa was beaming and so were we. 

My Dad recently bought a pair of burgundy specs. Ordinarily, he would have left his specs choice up to my Mum. But he picked these out on his own and I’m so impressed! You are NEVER too old to have fun with fashion. This is a great reminder as we head into the New Year. 

We’re very grateful that my Dad still hops on a plane and flies over to see us once or twice a year. He’s doing exceptionally well, and at 80 he’s as vibrant, expressive and smiley as ever. And Rosie’s good spirits despite her heart disease warms our hearts even more. Christmas time at the Cox Castle is happy — the best Christmas gift of all. 

We at YLF wish you, your loved ones, the fur babies, absent friends and family, a happy and peaceful Christmas. There will be fewer posts this week as we take the time to relax with family.