I only found out last year that this style of footwear is called a “duck boot”. The name alone makes me smile. What a great description for a boot! We don’t see people wearing duck boots in Seattle very often, but I think they’re fab. Comfortable, casual, weatherproof, warm, interesting and fun. I especially like the styles that are either almost all-white or colour blocked with white. I like them in shades of blue too. 

Duck boots look great worn over jeans and with casual toppers. In fact, substitute a pair of duck boots for the UGG boots I posted in the ensemble formula yesterday and you’re in business. I’ve also seen duck boots worn in more unexpected ways in the blogosphere, with skirts, dresses, shorts and sparkle. Creative and different. 

My casual boot capsule is complete for the moment, so I have no need to add this style into my wardrobe. I wear Dr. Martens in snowy and icy weather and have more than enough weatherproof boots for rain. But if I needed another pair of very casual boots, duck boots would be a strong contender. To my eye, they make a nice change to the countless rugged biker boots and Frye-type boots that have been flooding the market for a couple of seasons. Please don’t get me wrong. I love distressed boots and have a few pairs that I wear fairly frequently. But we also need some casual boot variety. Duck boots are one way to go. I vote yay. 

What’s your verdict?  Do you like duck boots, and would you wear them? Or do they look too odd, too preppy, or too much like sports gear.

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