I returned from working with a wonderful client a few days ago and posted this on our facebook page shortly thereafter: 

“There is a unique style confidence and grace that is conveyed by women in their 50’s and older. While working with my 52 year old client today, I was once more reminded of this special style je ne sais quoi that comes with age. I can’t wait to turn 50.”

As “je ne sais quoi” implies, it’s a quality that is not easily described. It’s like you’ve climbed Mount Everest after you’ve turned 50 and no one can touch your inner strength. You’ve loved, laughed and learned from life. Your experiences, wisdom and self-acceptance turn into a sense of  confidence and calm. An elegance, cool and grace that shines through in the way you dress and carry yourself. And sometimes it’s a wonderfully quirky and eccentric sense of elegance, cool and grace. 

Of course, younger gals are confident, cool and graceful too, but not in the same way. It isn’t quite as natural, relaxed, refined, strong and deliberate. These unique style qualities come with age, and they are powerful.

There are obvious advantages to being a youngster in a fashion conscious world. But growing older in style is just as fab. I believe this with all my heart because your ability to shine more brightly, own your look, exude confidence, and embrace all that makes you who you are cannot be beat. PLEASE don’t think your style becomes invisible after a certain age. If anything, your style becomes stronger because you are stronger.

I feel fortunate to work with my older clients and forum members. At 42 it is my job to guide them on their style journey, but they also constantly inspire my own style and the way I think about style. They make me even more excited about the next 42 years of my style.