I have worn earrings twice in the last sixteen years. Once on my wedding day and once a few years ago when I desperately wanted to road test my late Mum’s vintage emerald earrings. Although I’ve had pierced ears since I was five years old, and a second set of holes pierced when I was a teen, earrings have never been my thing. And for many, many years, I have not worn them at all. In fact, it’s part of my style to leave off the earrings. 

You can clearly see the holes in my lobes from when they were pierced and that will never change. Thing is, I have clients and friends who feel that it’s best to wear earrings when our ears are pierced because it’s unattractive, unpolished and weird to see “unfilled holes”. I guess this concept is not dissimilar to my need to fill visible belt loops with a tucked top

It caught me by surprise when I first heard that some consider pieced ears sans earrings unsightly. I have never thought of it that way, and have short hair which makes my ear piercings even more visible. But it is what it is and this is one thing I’m not concerned about. To my eye, it doesn’t look odd. What do you think?