This ensemble formula was inspired by a street style outfit that was captured by the Sartorialist. It’s a photo of Garance Dore in 2007 in an outfit that looks as hip and current right now as it did back then. And it’s five years old. Outfits with high longevity hold a special place in my heart because they still stand out in a sea of current trends and fashion forward mania. Furthermore, this is an ageless look. I can see my 25 year old and 75 year old clients wear the same concept their way

Here are the outfit components: 

  • Striped Top: Think vertical two toned stripes in a T-shirt or sweater. I’ve stuck to black/navy and white because it’s a classic combination. 
  • Blazer or Moto Jacket: Garance is wearing a classic black blazer which looks great. A black moto jacket is as much of a classic in my book, so I threw that in as another option. 
  • Scarf: It speaks for itself. I chose a floral to pattern mix with the stripes
  • Bottoms: Garance is wearing a pair of roomy khaki pants with pleats and pockets. Of course, you have many options depending on how classic or trendy your preference. Blue jeans, any silhouette from skinny to flared, are an easy and modern classic pairing. A denim skirt is another good match. Harem pants, combat pants and slouchy trousers are more fashion forward. Waxed jeans in burgundy, the colour of the season, are trendy. Tweed shorts and short flared minis are more youthful. 
  • Casual footwear: Think booties, mid-calf boots, knee-high boots, Converse sneakers, fashionable high-tops or slipper flats. The tall boots look particularly good with the skirt, and Converse are great with jeans. And these days you can wear booties with anything
  • Casual bag: I chose a simple black tote but the options are limitless. Cross body, patterns, snakeskin, a colour, or even a daytime clutch. Why not! 

As with all the formulas, I sow the seed of an idea. The next step is to interpret the look your way. Throw in the arm candy. Choose a different colour palette. Wear ballet flats. Wear white jeans. Add earrings. Add in a third pattern. This is a good outfit formula for all gals on the go.