Cropped pants aren’t my favourite silhouette to start off with, but I firmly believe that they can be worn in flattering ways (here are my guidelines and more visuals of fabulous outfits with cropped pants). I have a pair that I love with all my heart, so I don’t have a poisoned eye for the cropped pants concept in general. 

But I do have a poisoned eye for the cropped pant silhouettes below. They are cropped to the ankle, or a few inches above the ankle, and wider at the hems. Some hems are as wide as bootcuts, whereas others are more tapered. But not nearly tapered enough to look flattering to my eye. I like the roominess on the thigh area, but that wider hem at a cropped length just about throws me over the edge. I find the visual effect of the proportions extremely unflattering and frumpy no matter how you slice and dice it. Not edgy and not attractive. 

I can count on one hand the looks that do not make it through my style filter. Cropped pants with wider hems as seen here is one of those looks. I am a HUGE nay. What’s your verdict?