This poll celebrates our third trouser season in a row. Important note: we are talking any style of jeans and any style of trousers. Trousers do not mean classic dress pants, but all styles of casual or dressy pants that are NOT jeans.

I love jeans and trousers, and both items are represented equally in my wardrobe. I still wear jeans regularly, but I reach for my trousers as often as I can because I’m trouser crazy at the moment. My style feels refreshed and extra modern when I wear trousers. I have absolutely no interest in purchasing more jeans, but could purchase several pairs of trousers right this second. This puts me firmly on Team Trousers. 

Over to you. Are you on Team Jeans or Team Trousers? Tell us why and no batting for both sides. If you can’t pick a side you’re sitting this one out on the bench with fries and a shake. I have a hunch that Team Jeans is going to win this race.