As we ramp up for the holiday season, let’s talk lace versus sequins. You do NOT need to like entire garments made of lace or sequins in order to bat for one of these teams. It’s fine if you fancy lace and sequins as trims on clothing, footwear and accessories. 

I’m on Team Lace all the way. Lace is so Chanel and Valentino, which speaks to my style soul. I have three lace tops, and I’ve had the perfect lace skirt on my shopping list for years. I almost bought a pair of long lace shorts and would love a pair of lace trousers and a lace dress. I also like lace insets on clothing. I do not own anything with a sequin on it now that I have passed on my sequin dress. That’s odd because I like sequins, and almost bought a pair of sequin trousers last year. I guess I ended up purchasing an item made of shiny Lurex thread or lace instead of sequins.

Over to you. Are you on Team Lace or Team Sequins? If you like both, or neither, you’ll sit this one out on the bench with cherry pie and tea.