I have mixed feelings about this trend because it can look very unflattering. If the cut and proportions are just right you’ll look fabulously fashion forward, chic, arty, attractive and avant-garde. But if the fit and details are just slightly off, chances are high you’ll look frumpy, dated, and like you’re wearing a hopelessly ill-fitting coat. 

Some of the oversized coats below are super, like the chartreuse Laurel coat from Diane von Furstenberg, the navy wool coat from Chalayan with the dropped waist fastening, the ASOS Limited Edition Rib Insert Coat in brown tweed, and the cashmere mocha coat by Rick Owens. These coats balance an oversized fit with structure, which keeps the silhouette from wearing you. The structured hip fit is vitally important to my eye. The intentionally oversized integrity of a dropped shoulder seam and raglan style sleeve also works quite well for this silhouette.  

The rest don’t tickle my fancy because they just look ill-fitting. I could wear Greg’s coats to create a similar silhouette and feel very un-fab. I’d also look awful because the fit would completely overwhelm my frame. 

From a practical point of view, you can layer just about anything under an oversized coat. Dolman sleeve knitwear, oversized knitwear, jackets, you name it! It covers and hides everything, which can be an advantage.  

The oversized coat is a tricky item, but it can work so I’m a cautious yay. I like the ’80s appeal of the broad shoulder line and narrow hips for retro and nostalgic reasons, and just for fun I’d wear an oversized coat that wasn’t too oversized. But I have a very strong preference for tailored coats so purchasing an oversized coat is not at all a priority. 

What’s your verdict on the oh-so-fashion-forward oversized coat?

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